There is a vast range of restaurants to choose from in Orlando. You can easily pick up Coupon Booklets from the Tourist Centers or outside any restaurant. Some restaurants offer free meals for children or a % off your meal.



Among some of the favourites are the PONDEROSA, GOLDEN CORRAL and SIZZLERS Restaurants which offer a reasonably priced buffet.

There are also DENNY'S Restaurants, PERKINS Restaurants and SHONEY'S Family Restaurants among others throughout the area.

No matter where you stay in the area, you'll always find a restaurant of this type nearby.

For some good old 'Country Style Cooking', two restaurants come to mind, BOB EVANS and the CRACKER BARREL Country Store. Both are well known for their Southern Hospitality and the quality of their offerings.

One of the area restaurants sometimes overlooked is the MORRISON'S Cafeteria, located in the Osceola Square Mall. This is a restaurant that is definitely worthy of your attention. The selections are usually first-class and are relatively reasonably priced.

Yet another family favorite of the area is the International House of Pancakes, commonly referred to as IHOP. But don't let the name fool you, though they may specialize in pancakes and related items, they also serve up a pretty good selection of American favorites for both lunch and dinner.

In a similar situation are the area WAFFLE HOUSE Restaurants. Though the name implies their specialty, they do offer other American favorites. The atmosphere here is a little less cozy than some of its counterparts, as its environment is more suited to the traditional 'diners' of the past. But if you're on a tight budget, it may be a place that you'll want to explore.



There are a variety of different types of Steak Restaurants - The more traditional Steak House will be based on the 'a la carte' format while many of the Buffet style will offer 'all you can eat' menus.

Many of these restaurants will offer a variety of meal choices, which may include a separate buffet offering an assortment of family style entrees including several variations specific to breakfast, lunch and dinner. All will offer steak as one of the main entrees during the afternoon and evening hours.
The more traditional steak houses in the area include: CATTLEMAN'S Steakhouse, KOBE JAPANESE Steakhouse, LONGHORN Steakhouse and the OUTBACK Steakhouse.
Reservations are recommended.

Among the national chain restaurants that offer steak as part of their specialty are - BLACK ANGUS Restaurants, PONDEROSA Steakhouses, SIZZLER Restaurants and WESTERN SIZZLIN Steakhouses.

All offer a buffet in addition to an individual selection of various steak cuts. The 'steak' in your meal will not be part of the buffet, it has to be ordered separately as an Entrée and it's purchase will usually include access to the buffet...

Quality and selection may vary, as they are not as specialized as the more traditional steakhouses.

With their family-type dining environments, these restaurants will generally offer a breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet.
If your looking for a really good steak, you would be well advised to keep with the traditional Steak Houses.



As you travel around the Orlando area you will probably see the roving landmark of the Boston Lobster Feasts - 'Larry' the Lobster, a 12-foot caricature who sits atop a Volkswagen Beetle and roams the tourist corridors. One of the few restaurants that specialize in 'Maine Lobsters', the Boston Lobster Feast is actually a wholesaler to many of the area restaurants.

Naturally there are other restaurants including RED LOBSTER - always an American favorite. For something a little a more local there's SHELLS SEAFOOD Restaurants, which operates a chain of restaurants from Daytona Beach all the way to both the West Coast of Florida and on the east side of Miami.

Nearby you can also find CALICO JACK'S Oyster Bar and Seafood Restaurant, which is located in the La Ramada Plaza.

A hidden treasure in Kissimmee and housed in an unassuming location is POUNDERS Fresh Fish and Lobster House, just off of West Vine Street on Central Avenue - Over 10,000 lobsters can be viewed here, which all adds to the dining experience.



There are Sports Pubs, British Pubs and the traditional American Bar & Grills to choose from in the area, we'll try to cover just a few of the tourist related ones in this section.

Some are a little more specialized on the beverage side while offering food such as Buffalo wings, fish n' chips, light sandwiches or an assortment of appetizers.

Others may provide you with a wide variety of appetizers and entrees.

Many are local favorites such as CHILI'S Bar & Grill and TGI Friday's. Of special note is the ROADHOUSE Grill, which provides you with free peanuts that you simply shell and throw on the floor (Why not, your on vacation). To say the least, it does provide a unique experience!

For British Pubs, there are several - LONDON BRIDGE TAVERN, SCOTTISH CORNER PUB and HARRY RAMSBOTTOM'S, located in Liberty Village just east of Polynesian Blvd on US192.
For our American guests, here's a good opportunity for you to try some authentic British Fish N' Chips.

SPORTS PUBS are dotted throughout the area, most are found either on West Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy. or in the West Vine Street area.

They specialize in bringing televised sporting events to their patrons and will also act as hosts to the area darts competitions. They play an important role in providing a celebratory meeting place following an Area Sporting Event.
Area bowling alleys could also provide you with a similar location.

For a truly unique environment, you might just want to stop in at the 'BIG BAMBOO LOUNGE', just east of Hwy. 535 on the north side of 192.
This area landmark was one of the few businesses that was located on US192 prior to Disney's introduction to the area and the commercial development that followed it. This lounge has truly stood the test of time and it still remains a novelty among the businesses of the area. They don't serve food but you can bring a 'Carry Out' with you...



Most of the areas pizza restaurants will generally specialize in either take-out or delivery service with very few of these offering sit-down facilities

However, an exception to this would be the PIZZA HUT Restaurants as well as some of the other larger pizzerias.

One to offer a full service is the PIZZERIA UNO Chicago Bar & Grill Restaurant serving a full menu of other items such as steak, chicken, fish and 'baby back' pork ribs, which they claim in their advertisements "just fall off the bones". Ummm….

Pizzeria Uno is located just west of the junction of Polynesian Blvd, but there are also several others to choose from with names like GUISEPPE'S Italian Restaurant & Pizza, Mickey's Pizzeria and ROMANO'S Pizzeria.

Of the more traditional take-out and delivery service restaurants (no sit-down service available), are the Godfather's Pizza, Flippers Pizza and Hungry Howies Pizza shops. More dominant of these (at least judging by the number of their locations) are the many DOMINO'S & PAPA JOHN'S Pizza that dot the HWY 192.


Several come to mind-

Probably the largest of these is the OLIVE GARDEN Restaurant, a popular local favorite.

There's also CARRABBA'S Italian Grill at Formosa Gardens (West HWY 192.

ANTONIO'S at Celebration, also known as the Cafe Antonio, is on Front Street overlooking the lake.

For a local family owned and operated restaurant, you may want to try FRANCISCO'S at the junction of Hwy. 535 or PACINO'S Italian Ristorante, located directly across from Old Town...



CHINESE Restaurants

There are many Chinese Restaurants in the area.

Some offer buffets, some offer delivery and take-out service, but all offer an oriental environment to please any palate. Egg Rolls, Won Ton Soup; Chicken, Pork & Beef Chow Mein and Fried Rice Dishes to name but a few.

You'll find names such as the CHINA PEARL Restaurant, EMPEROR'S WOK, REGENCY CHINESE restaurant, TASTE of CHINA and TWIN DRAGONS Restaurant.

JAPANESE Restaurants

There's the KOBE Japanese Steakhouse and SUSHI Bar located near Interstate 4 and Parkway Blvd, the TAKE JAPANESE Restaurant located at Maingate West or the YOJI JAPANESE Steakhouse and Sushi Bar located approximately 1-mile east of Hwy. 535.

Other restaurants include - MIDDLE EASTERN, WEST INDIAN and EAST INDIAN restaurants.

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